Where do baby carrots come from?

Where do baby carrots come from?
– Mommy and Daddy carrots who love each other
– Full-size carrots cut down to baby size
– Grown from baby carrot seeds
– Genetically modified seeds

Mother Nature is an amazing creative force, but it usually doesn’t produce anything that comes out the exact same shape and perfectly smooth every time, all over the world. Baby carrots are not a naturally occurring delight; they undergo preparation before hitting the grocery store. Full-size carrots that have grown in strange shapes face rejection because they don’t sell well “as is.” They are, instead, cut down into the bite-sized pieces that we know as baby carrots. They’re cleaned and peeled, pared down and packaged for consumption. Source: Bustle.com

Full-size carrots cut down to baby size

“Baby-cuts” are part of a sharp upsurge in the carrot’s popularity in the United States. Between 1970 and 1986, Americans ate 6 pounds of carrots per person per year. However, American consumption of carrots began to soar in 1987, and by 2002 it had reached 11 pounds per person.

A baby carrot is a carrot sold at a smaller size before reaching maturity. A baby-cut carrot is a small piece cut from a larger carrot; baby-cut carrots are often marketed as “baby carrots”, leading to potential confusion